Gift card donations revamped

Gift card donations revamped

Forget about outdated gift card programs. There is a new way to fundraise with gift cards that is hassle free, and you can double dip.

If you’ve been in the fundraising industry for any amount of time, (and especially in the education sector) you’ve likely run into Scrip programs for gift cards. A simple internet search will lead you to the myriad of complaints that customers have dealt with in the past when it comes to dependability within these programs.

The issues are incredibly frustrating because gift cards seem like a real no-brainer for the fundraising industry. Donors are shopping 24/7/365 for friends, family, and colleagues--even more so due to store closures or limited capacity of occupants during the pandemic. Largely due to that fact, and the nature of increasing online shopping, gift card sales are soaring worldwide and are predicted to break $400 billion dollars in 2021 according to Statista.

ShopRaise offers a new way for your nonprofit, school, team, club, or organization to capitalize on this growing trend.

When you incorporate a shopping program into your fundraising mix, you create the opportunity for your donors to give generously without spending an extra dime out of their pockets.

Curious to know how it works?

Integrate ShopRaise into your donation platform including your website and social media. You can contact your donors to let them know that when they are conducting their everyday shopping, they have the ability to give back to your cause without paying anything extra. The ShopRaise program is free to you and free to them.

The double dip comes in when shoppers purchase an online gift card (with simple and easy delivery to their inbox) and can then use them to shop at our 1,000 participating stores–which will donate a portion of every purchase back to your cause. That’s multiple donations to your organization without your donor having to spend anything extra from their pockets!

It’s a fast, simple, and easy way for you to generate bread and butter donations to keep your nonprofit steady and earning. We’ve got to get creative and find new and meaningful ways for donors to give meaningfully to the causes they care about most.

As everyone gets through the rest of the holiday rush, now is a great time to capitalize on gift card sales and add ShopRaise to your fundraising suite.

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