Spring cleaning that earns for your organization

Spring cleaning that earns for your organization

What does cleaning a home and yard have to do with your organization?

Right now, maybe not much...but it could.

What if every time one of your donors bought a desk for their home office a percentage of that purchased helped fund your school? What if every time a supporter bought a new lawn mower it helped subsidize housing for veterans? What if every time a volunteer got a new swing for their child it financed youth programs for at-risk teens?

When you integrate a shopping program into your fundraising suite, all of that is possible and more. Your donors are also consumers. Whether they have vast wealth or a shoestring budget, they are looking for ways to help you that are new and different. Meet them where they are and give them a chance to give back to your organization with their everyday shopping.

So, where will your donor/consumers be spending money at home this year? Home Improvement Retailer predicts three retail trends from 2020 will continue into this year, the largest of which being DIY projects: “One in ten consumers are taking on projects typically done by a professional and there is a 10% increase in transaction amount when compared to 2019.”

With folks expanding their homes to encompass work, school, and play spaces families are also eagerly expanding their outdoor space to relax and recreate.

Home wizard Bob Vila employed the help of gardening expert Katie Dubow to check in on the biggest outdoor trends for 2021. Not surprisingly, Dubow suggests an edible garden that crosses off three lists in one: “And for parents who have kids learning from home, growing edible plants is covering snack time, physical education, and science class in one fell swoop! Bushel and Berry’s collection, which includes blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries, is a culinary crowd-pleaser, and because these small plants grow well in either containers or the landscape, they’re a great option for different home garden settings.” For tips beyond the classroom garden read the full article.

On the inside of the home, fresh linens and towels, a throw pillow, a new coat of paint or an updated bookcase or sofa has the power to transform your living space. 2021 has certainly ushered in gorgeous design options whatever your style may be. For a guide to updating your space, try this resource from Home & Garden.

If you’d like your organization to benefit from actions your donors are taking every day when they shop for their homes, gardens, and more feel free to connect with us. Our program is free to you and your donors and takes less time to set up and manage than painting an accent wall.

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