Funding by Flowers

Funding by Flowers

How can your organization open a new revenue stream this Valentine’s Day?

With flowers of course!

Perhaps you haven’t heard of affiliate marketing? Here’s the tl/dr version: your donors buy online and earn your organization unrestricted funds every time they shop at a participating retailer.

As it has been said before, “The best way to say it is with flowers.” This year, the most tried and true Valentine’s Day gifts can earn your nonprofit, team, club, school, or faith-based organization essential funding. A percentage of each purchase your supporters make on flowers, chocolate, jewelry, and wine (and everything else under the sun) can increase your bottom line.

At the intersection of commonsense (meeting your donors where they already are, shopping online) and cutting-edge app technology lies the opportunity to empower your supporters to provide you with bread and butter funding without them having to spend an extra dime of their own.  

As it turns out, the way to do that is with flowers. This year, Statista projects that Valentine’s Day flower purchases should hit or exceed $2.3B. Your organization could benefit from those purchases if you partner with a program like ShopRaise. Integration takes less than three hours and only requires about two hours of maintenance per month.

As with other affiliate programs like AmazonSmiles and Rakuten, percentages paid on purchases vary from retailer to retailer. Some stores are notorious for paying out low percentages. The flower industry is the exception to that rule with some retailers paying more than 10% back on every purchase!

Consider integrating with a program like ShopRaise to help your organization earn this Valentine’s Day and beyond.

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