Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving 2020

Are you hosting an in-person gathering or setting up your most festive Zoom tablescape this Thanksgiving?

Right now people across the country are likely trying to figure out what those gatherings will look like. This article from RealSimple offers many ways for people to safely celebrate this Thanksgiving. From hosting an outdoor celebration, to video gatherings, families are holding on to the need to get together and celebrate.

Currently, the market is seeing an unprecedented growth in online grocery shopping and delivery trends. Statista states that, “Sales from grocery delivery and pickup in the United States have surged in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. In August 2019, sales were 1.2 billion U.S. dollars and grew to 4 billion dollars in March of 2020, a 233 percent increase.” Those trends will likely grow even higher during the holiday season.

Your donors are already committed to shopping online. They will likely utilize one or more delivery services to get their preparations for this holiday season. If you are struggling to close the year end gap, a loyalty shopping program like ShopRaise can offer your donors a way to get the supplies they are already buying and give to your organization.

We’ve all got to work together to ensure that we hit our fundraising goals and continue the critical work we provide to communities across the country. A loyalty shopping program is an excellent resource to provide to your donors so that they can still give back meaningfully.

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