Cyber Month(s)?

Cyber Month(s)?

What does Black Friday even mean during COVID?

As the kids say, is Black Friday even a thing anymore? And what about Cyber Monday? Do we even have to pay attention to these arbitrary days of shopping?

The answer is yes…and no. That’s because TechRadar says, “things may be cheaper than ever for Cyber Monday 2020, simply because a lot of US consumers are looking to save money right now, and a majority of retailers not named Amazon have had their inventory waiting in warehouse shelves.”

That means skipping Black Friday and taking advantage of Cyber Monday could benefit many shoppers. As CNBC says, “In recent years, however, Black Friday’s importance has faded. More retailers have offered similar sales online, making it possible for shoppers to browse and buy from their couch or on their smartphone rather than having to camp out in a Best Buy parking lot, or cut through thick crowds at the mall. In the midst of a global health crisis, shoppers have even more reason to avoid long lines to snag a deep discount on a smartwatch, boots or a Nintendo Switch.”

Essentially, folks are less apt to go shopping in physical stores due to the pandemic and varying state-to-state regulations. Therefore, retailers are pressed to take traditional Black Friday promotions and offer more online discounts, coupons, and shipping deals on Cyber Monday.

There may also be supply chain issues, so shopping early this year will be more critical than in previous times.

While there may be an inevitable deficit in giving during the 2020 holiday season, you can still give your donors a way to contribute. A passive fundraising program can deliver funds meeting your donors where they are already at—making everyday purchases for their families.

Such loyalty and rewards programs enable your donors to give without having to contribute anything extra. Certainly it’s a growing segment we’re seeing in the industry.

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