Resources, resources, and MORE resources

Resources, resources, and MORE resources

Optimize your nonprofit technology, marketing, events, & fundraising this summer.

It’s seldom that folks outside of the nonprofit industry understand how challenging it is to optimize efficiencies when you have extraordinarly talented staff and extremely limited resources.

If you are one of the 12.3 million American workers in the nonprofit sector, you understand.

We have to be event managers, copywriters, graphic designers, fundraisers, technology developers, and operations experts at all times. Summer can end up being one of the busiest times for nonprofit employees as all of the work that is required for fall fundraisers needs to be implemented. And by that we mean implemented yesterday.

This summer, take advantage of ShopRaise’s hacks to optimize your organization’s work with:

Tech Tools

Marketing help

Fundraising innovation

At ShopRaise, we are a lean organization. We have to wear the same 12 hats you do. We’ve worked diligently to create a system that makes the most of our company’s skillset and minimizes time spent on costly production.

Let’s talk Tech

We recently put together a webinar series of Tech Tools that can make a difference in your everyday work and overhead. We want to help your dedicated employees who are adept at getting multiple jobs done in one role succeed.

Whether you are creating a campaign, promoting an event, or just trying to get everyday work done we can help. Here are a series of links to webinars that can help your employees get work done including…

Creating graphics

Managing social media

Organizing your project management

Marketing help

Let’s face it, you could employ a marketing staff of 20 and still not be able to accomplish all of your goals. We understand and would like to provide you with simple tools and hacks to help you live your marketing dreams.

Whether it’s post-event techniques or learning how to add an easy program to your regular marketing efforts, we have solutions. None of them will require hiring more employees or take time out of your day without a generous return on your investment. We salute your efforts and want to help your next campaign be easy-breezy and successful!

Easy post-event marketing

Creating conscientious donors

How can affiliate marketing help you

Fundraising innovation

As fundraisers, we know what dirty words “new revenue” and “unrestricted income” are. That’s why we are here to help you create those funding streams without nearly as much heavy lifting. We also understand how hard it is to receive unrestricted funds. Social media has made it possible for donors to be even more tapped into giving that is hyper specific to their desires and hopes. That situation can make it harder than ever to get the funds you need to keep your doors open, with the AC on, while employees are retained and rewarded.

We’ll give you a few key resources that can make a big difference in your fundraising.

Top fundraising mistakes to avoid

7 key revenue sources for grants and stability

Fundraising without giving

Enjoy your (wisely used) time

We hope you take advantage of your hectic work time this summer to streamline yourself for the fall. Especially in the nonprofit sector, we need actual vacation time to recharge our batteries (meaning, we go away without our computers). We know you’ll come back to a fall season of successful implementation unlike any other!

If you’re interested in adding ShopRaise to your fundraising tools, contact our SVP of Development for a free demo. She’ll be thrilled to walk you through how ShopRaise can help your organization achieve long-term fundraising goals without adding any cost to you or your donors. If that step makes you feel commitment phobic, just check out the webinars on our blog and learn about the resources free to you and your organization.


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