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How It Works

How It Works

ShopRaise works with charitable organizations to provide supporters a simple way to shop and benefit their cause.

A New way to Engage Supporters

  • The ShopRaise app can be used at home or on the go
  • Supporters don’t pay more and can still use great coupons and deals
  • Their Cause Earns
Online fundraising on a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone

ShopRaise provides a simple way for you to align your brand with socially-conscious shoppers who go out of their way to patronize retailers that benefit causes like these:

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The ShopRaise Advantage

ShopRaise is redefining quality traffic by bringing socially-conscious shoppers to your site. Align your brand with charities that have a built-in network of motivated customers ready to make a purchase for their cause.

Drive conversions and reward shoppers at the same time


Drive conversions by giving shoppers another reason to make a purchase.

Increase sales with rewards shopping


Increase sales by creating loyal customers who are motivated to shop.

Expand your reach and increase sales


Expand your reach to shoppers who care about making a difference.

Partnership Opportunities

ShopRaise technology benefits your brand


The ShopRaise Browser and Mobile apps provide a seamless customer experience that keeps your brand front and center. The app appears each time supporters visit your store, reminding them that a purchase will benefit their cause. We drive more customers to your site while giving them an extra incentive to complete a purchase.

Shoppers care about benefiting their cause


Socially-conscious shoppers are people who care about their chosen cause. They seek opportunities to make a difference in unique and impactful ways such as, saving the rainforest, curing cancer or feeding a child. They will go out of their way to patronize those stores that benefit their cause.

ShopRaise Partners with 5 networks to reward your non-profit


ShopRaise is currently affiliated with five networks including:

ShopRaise quality partners: Impact Radius, Commision Junction, Ebay, Viglink, and Rakuten

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