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Fundraise for your school with shopping

ShopRaise makes school fundraising easy by turning everyday shopping into support for your school or group. Our app is a great addition to your current fundraising efforts. Provide a year round revenue stream for your school or group, all at no cost to you or your supporters.

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Simple. Easy. School Fundraising.

No more product sales, handling payments or organizing vol­unteers. With ShopRaise, you simply enroll your school or group, invite your supporters to get the app and shop. Give parents and supporters an easy way to fundraise for your school with products they already buy all year long. It’s that easy!

Reach your fundraising goals

Create a new revenue stream for your organization by earning up to 10% on each purchase. With the ShopRaise app each supporter can raise hundreds of dollars per year for your organization.

Have your entire school or group participate. The more supporters you have the more you can earn. ShopRaise can help you reach your fundraising goal!

Earn hundreds of dollars per supporter per year.”

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Spread the word and we’ll take it from there

ShopRaise provides all the customized marketing materials to get your school fundraising program off the ground. From emails and fliers to social media posts and web banners each one is customized for your cause. All you have to do is spread the word and we will take it from there.

Branded for your school or group

ShopRaise increases the connection between your school and your supporters by customizing the entire user experience utilizing your logo, branding, and messaging. From email and social media posts to your landing page and even the app, we customize the materials to simplify marketing for you. We make it easy for your supporter to shop for a cause!

ShopRaise Branded Social media post
ShopRaise landing page and flyer with custom branding.

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Manage and optimize your program

ShopRaise provides all the information you need to manage and optimize your school fundraising program. View which supporters have the app and how much they are contributing.

With our reporting suite you can thank supporters for participating, invite them to events, bring them into your donation funnel or even export them into your CRM.

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